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Thesis and Dissertation Guideliness

Please be able to observe and pay attention to the following matters:

  1. Make printing for 1 (one) page first, please re-measure the size of the margins (margins) in accordance with the provisions of ITB dissertation writing guidelines, namely: by taking measurements directly on the printed sheet. If there are differences, do the reset to the print tool that you / I use. It is recommended to do printing using a regular printing machine (printer) then multiply using a copier (except on picture pages, in this case it is not recommended to use a copy of the results sheet).
  2. The term “1 space” refers to one time the enter key is used with the format of the font used the same as the previous line, while the size of each space is indicated by the term “space 1” or “space 1.5”.
  3. Note the Dissertation / Proposal / Thesis format including: Font size, space size, number of spaces (Enter), ITB logo size, page borders, page numbering, image titles, formula writing, formula numbering, uppercase and lowercase letters , sequence of abbreviations, sequence of symbols, numbering of chapter titles and child chapters, procedures for citation and writing of library sources, writing titles that exceed one line of writing titles that are less than or equal to one line, type of paper including size and weight, paper cover and color ink. If there is an image that causes ink to penetrate into the backyard, paper can be used weighing more than 80 grams or special paper for the purpose of printing images or photos. Visually check the proportionality of the format, page title, validation sheet.
  4. Please pay attention to changes in font size, borders and other formats when converting file types, such as conversion from MS word to PDF file.
  5. Please note if there are visual changes after the printing process. Visual checking and sequence of title pages in general can refer to the Technical Guidelines for Poposal Dissertation Writing, Dissertation and Thesis.
  6. Postgraduate School (SPs) ITB has provided:
    a. Book of Dissertation Writing Guidelines, Dissertation and Thesis Proposals
    b. Templates for Dissertation Writing, Dissertation and Thesis Proposals
    c. Technical Guidelines for Writing Dissertation, Dissertation and Thesis Proposals
    d. Register the format for Dissertation Writing, Dissertation and Thesis Proposal.

These files can be accessed at