Faculty members of Petroleum Engineering Study Program reside in individual lecturer rooms. In total there are 20 faculty member offices, with total area of 445 m2. The area of the offices varies between 20 to 30 m2. One faculty room is generally occupied by one faculty member. Each faculty room is equipped with one to three workstations connected to LAN and sets of chairs and tables for assistants (students).

Facilities In ITB

Class rooms in the Petroleum Engineering study program use public lecture halls at GKU Timur, GKU Barat, TVST, and Oktagon ( In the Petroleum Engineering building, there are 5 classrooms. Each class is equipped with a whiteboard and video projector. This room can be used on weekdays, from 7am to 6pm. The classrooms are usually used for postgraduate student studies, in accordance with ITB policy which states that undergraduate student lectures take place in public lecture halls. If the lecture schedule and the room provided by ITB do not match the teaching lecturer schedule, the lecturer may submit a lecture in the Petroleum Engineering study room with the approval of the head of the study program.

Facilities In Prodi

The program maintains 5 classrooms in the PE building (Table 7.1). Each room is equipped with board and video projector. The computer room, with seat capacity of 30 persons, is equipped with workstations connected to LAN facility. The rooms are regularly available in working days from 7am to 6 pm, but can be used until 11pm if needed. These classrooms are usually used by graduate programs as, according ITB policy, whenever possible undergraduate classes use common/public classrooms within ITB. If a class schedule and room allocated by ITB does not match with the lecturer schedule then the lecturer can propose to PE chairman to use class rooms within Petroleum Engineering.

List of Class Rooms in Petroleum Engineering

Room Name


Seat Capacity


80 m2



40 m2



50 m2


Seminar Room

80 m2


Computer room

80 m2



PE Study Program has a student lounge reserved for undergraduate as well as graduate students. The area of the lounge is 30 m2, with total capacity of up to 20 people. This room is equipped with tables and chairs and wireless internet access. In this room students may undertake various academic activities such as course tutoring, self-study, discussion for teamwork assignment and others. Whenever needed students may set up video projector for use in this room. The lounge is open during working days, from 7am to 6pm.