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Undergraduate Petroleum Engineering program vision is to be the leading and scholarly petroleum engineering program in the world. The mission is to commence the education to crate a competent leading scholar in Petroleum Engineering which capable of overcoming challenges and global advances. Due to its rapid and vast development in Petroleum Engineering as an interdisciplinary program, every professor has their own unique disciplinary and competencies in addition to the general petroleum engineering knowledge.

Along with the ITB Education Scholar (SK Senat ITB No. 023/SK/KO1-SA/20022) the purpose of Petroleum Engineering Program is to educate student to have a broad and meaningful knowledge, independencies, earnest in professional and society ethics, and competencies in professional and society chores. The term of Petroleum Engineering in ITB refers to the upstream oil and gas study mainly in exploitation activities. Furthermore the aim of Petroleum Engineering program are to:

  1. Develop petroleum engineering program to be the leading and reputable international institution in education, research and community development.
  2. Prepare and provide students with knowledge and skills in order to compete, work and develop in the industry as well as to pursue further study.