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About Graduate Programs


The graduate program in the Department of Petroleum Engineering ITB began to be held in August of 1989 by the Decree of the Director General of Education and Culture No. 52 / DIKTI Kep./1990. Qualification is Masters (S2) in Petroleum Engineering with academic education and professional orientation are integrated in the field of petroleum engineering, gas, and geothermal. Since the opening of the program, development efforts continue to be made. Self-evaluation is done by following the development of science and related technologies, to develop and improve the qualifications of teaching staff as well as attention to the needs of industry. The curriculum has been amended in 1995 to add weight without compromising the scientific aspects of professionalism and academic weight. Results – results of research and work of the graduates of this postgraduate program has penetrated the international level publication. all graduates who have produced has been absorbed well by the world of education and industry. In fact this graduate program has been recognized by leading universities abroad with the adoption of a master’s program graduates for a doctoral program. Now, most of them have gained a doctorate with very satisfactory results.

Vision ITB Petroleum Engineering Study program for master stage is “to make petroleum engineering study program is recognized as a leading institution of international class in the field of Education, Research and Service to Society as well as being the center of the development of science and technology in the oil industry”. Its mission is to implement the Higher Education program that produces quality human resources and high competitiveness, innovation research that contribute greatly to the oil field and to develop science and technology as well as providing services and empowering people and industry seriously and environmentally sound.

The purpose of the Master of TM in accordance with its mission, namely:

1. Provide education to produce a master TM quality and in accordance with the needs of industry
2. Conduct research to answer the challenges of the oil and gas technology and by involving students master
3. Perform community service for community empowerment, especially oil and gas industry
4. Improving the quality of education with the continuous improvement of teaching and learning process (methodology and curriculum).