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Enhanced Oil Recovery Laboratory

Enhanced Oil Recovery Laboratory

This laboratory focuses on the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) experiment in lab scale. The experiments that involved are nitrogen injection, CO2 injection, surfactant, polymer, and water flood. Students in this laboratory will study rock property, hydrocarbon screening, chemical properties, and coreflood. This Laboratory only used for research done by OGRINDO or final year students in order to complete their Thesis.

This laboratory contains the following major pieces of equipment:

Core Properties

  • 1 PorG meter
  • 1 PerG meter


  • 1 Slimtube Apparatus
  • 3 Hassler Core Holder
  • 4 Imbibition Test
  • 1 Long Coreflood Apparatus
  • 1 Syringe Pump
  • 1 Ruska Pump
  • 1 Compressor

Chemical Properties

  • 1 Spinning Drop Tensiometer
  • 1 GC
  • 1 Vibro viscometer
  • 1 Pendant drop