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Fluid Reservoir Analysis Laboratory

Energy Building 3rd Floor

Reservoir Fluid Analysis Laboratory

This laboratory focused on the measurement of physical characteristics from several Indonesian crude oil samples such as Specific Gravity, viscosity, flash point, cloud point, and pour point. In this lab students also learn about emulsion and the characteristics from formation water. Because of the size and limited instrumentation, this laboratory conducted as a single station with the students collecting their own by completing the experiment designated to them.


This Laboratory contains the following major pieces of equipment:

Gas and Oil Specific Gravity Determination

  • 1 Effusiometer
  • 1 for each, Fully Filled CO2 and N2 container
  • 1 Compressor
  • 15 Hydrometer
  • 8 Picnometer
  • 2 Analytical mass measurer

Emulsion Forming

  • 1 Electric mixer

Oil Viscosity Determination

  • 1 Complete set of Redwood Viscometer
  • 7 Ostwald Viscometers, different size
  • 1 Water Bed

Pour Point, Cloud Point, and Flash Point Determination

  • 6 Yar
  • 1 Ice Bath
  • 1 Jacket
  • 1 Gasket
  • 2 Complete Set of Pensky-Marten Closed Tester
  • 1 Tag Closed Tester

Formation Water Qualitative Analysis

  • 3 Burette
  • 2 Centrifuge apparatus


Other Tools & Laboratory Support Tools


Safety and Security Equipment


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