Daftar Tugas Akhir

Daftar Tugas Akhir Program Studi Teknik Perminyakan

12216004Johan Iswara Lumban Tungkup Alternative Methodology Of Arps Decline Curve Bootstrapping With Data Clustering2020
12216005Luke Baskoro Unlocking The Hidden Potential Of Low Resistivity And Low Contrast Reservoir2020
12216006M Anwar SenaInvestigation Into Thermal Effects On Geothermal Well Integrity After Co2 Fracturing: A Case Study Of Well X In Indonesia2020
12216009Kresno Fatih Imani Steam Flood Reservoir Performance Estimation Using Machine Learning-Based Predictive Model2020
12216013Heksa Budi SantosoReal-Time Prediction Of Electrical Submersible Pump Failure Using Logistic Regression Method2020
12216017M Hafizh Kurnia Utama Applying Tds Technique For Transient Pressure Analysis Of Vertical Well With Finite Conductivity Fractures: A Field Data Study2020
12216021Vinsensius William Siswoyo Lithology Prediction Using Well Logs With Support Vector Machine2020
12216022Hidayat HandariantoComparison Between Hydraulic Fracturing and Horizontal Well in Thinly Bedded Tight Reservoir2020
12216023Richard Suryaputra Effect df Adjacent Wells On The Pressure Transient Analysis of A Well Tested2020
12216024Fajar Tri AnggoroAutomated Well To Well Correlation: A Machine Learning Study2020
12216025Ricky S M Simanjuntak Applying Artificial Neural Network Model to Infer The Oil Production Rates of Sucker-Rod Pumping Wells In Field X 2020
12216026Mohammad Edwin Alif UtamaUnsupervised Well Log Clustering: Quick Look Model For Hydrocarbon Potential Zone Identification Of Carbonate Reservoir In Field X2020
12216027Muhammad Akmal Bil HaqTechno-Economic Optimization Of Co2 Water Alternating Gas (Co2 – Wag) Injection At X Field 2020
12216030Rangga Afyan Dwiokta Kuantifikasi Pengaruh Parameter Operasi Dalam Sekuestrasi CO2 Pada Lapangan G Dan Optimisasinya2020
12216045Patrick Ivan Waterflood Optimization Under Uncertainty For Early Injection Scheme2020
12216046Astrini Yuswandari Drilling Activities And Parameters Analysis To Optimize Stuck Pipe Prevention In A Geothermal2020
12216048Siska Marsinta SiahaanDesigning Matrix Acidizing In Tight Limestone Formation With Sensitivity Of Acid Type And Volume Acid Injected2020
12216053Aulia Ikhsan Nur Alam Optimasi Konseptual Perolehan Minyak Pada Lapangan Zulu Dengan Model Simulasi Reservoir2020
12216054Afif Andria Mafu  Application Of The United Nations Framework Classification (UNFC) For Resources To Jailolo Geothermal Field, Indonesia2020
12216062Wahyu Setiawan A New Development Of Proxy Model To Predict Performance Of Cyclic Steam Stimulation Through Profitability Index2020
12216067Septianus Putra Antonius Utilization Of Gas Produced From East Natuna Gas Field To Enhance Southeast Asian Countries Oil Production2020
12216072Rahmad Hidayat Identifikasi Dan Validasi Korelasi Antara Permeabilitas Terhadap Gas Dan Permeabilitas Terhadap Cairan 2020
12216073Aldo Leonardo Surbakti Well Integrity Analysis For Co2 Alternating Nanofluid Huff And Puff For Rejuvenation Of Mature Well X In Indonesia2020
12216075Ajie Pangestu Identifikasi Kegagalan Casing Pada Sumur Geotermal Abandoned Di Lapangan X, Indonesia2020
12216077Calvin Orliando A Deliverability Method For Estimating Stabilized Gas Well Performance During Transient Periods On Unconventional Reservoir2020
12216079Davin Djustin Well Spacing Optimization On Co2 Flooding Project With Five-Spot Injection Pattern Using Design Of Experiments Method2020
12216083Fachrul Riyan Herqafsi Evaluasi Keberlakuan Piranti Lunak Eorgui Dan Penentuan Parameter Berpengaruh Dalam Prediksi Kinerja Produksi Metode Eor Injeksi Co22020
12216084Muhammad Rizki Amrullah Risk Mitigation And Mapping On Tubular System During Microbial Huff And Puff Injection Coupled With Lean Six Sigma Approach At Field X2020
12216089One Salwa Dinar Kandi Desain Liner Injeksi Sumur H Pada Reservoir Geotermal Dominasi Uap Dengan Temperatur Tinggi2020
12216090Reynaldo Billy TowidjojoProduction Stability Of Emulsion Flow In Heavy Oil Pipeline Network2020
12216091Anthony Kurnia Jaya A New Approach For Storage Calculation In Multilayer Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) Reservoir2020
12216093Deo Pambudi Combination Of Technique For Order Of Preference By Similarity To Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) And Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) As A Method For Efficient EOR Screening2020
12216094Farhah Fahyuna AbubakarIn-Situ Stress Evaluation And Hydraulic Fracturing Design Of X Field 2020
12216095Excel Brahma Putra Tubing Strength Evaluation In X-Well For Well Reactivation Using Cyclic Steam Stimulation2020
12216096Dennis Deviandoni An Investigation Into Vertical Initial Water Saturation Model Using Combining Archie, Leverett And Brooks-Corey Equation2020
12216097Erick Wicaksono Ramas Desain Dan Penentuan Kedalaman Casing Sumur Produksi Pada Sistem Panas Bumi Dominasi Air Di Lapangan X2020
12213004Marcellinus Chrisnada PutraLong-Short Term Memory Recurrent Network For Oil Rate Prediction2020
12216051Vinsensius Kevin WibowoTechno-Economic Evaluation For The Development Of Low Resistivity And Low Contrast Reservoir With Hydraulically Fractured Well And Water Injection2020
12216033Andre Kurnia TriputraPenyesuaian Persamaan Del-Rio Untuk Peramalan Kinerja Produksi Minyak Pada Lapangan Yang Diimplementasikan Vibroseismik2020
12216035Maha Putra Tri Aditya NugrahaEvaluation of Hydrocarbon Dew Point (HCDP) and Gas Composition Forecasting Using Time Series Analysis2020
12216059Muhammad Irsyad Fahmi LubisStudy Of Low Resistivity And Low Quality Reservoir Development Method With Sensitivity Of Well Stimulation And Improved Oil Recovery Starting Time In Field “X”2020
12216028Siti Olivinia YusraA New Integrated Static-Dynamic Assisted History Matching And Probabilistic Forecasting With Npv Analysis For “L” Field2020
12216008Muhamad Hairul FikriParametric Study Of Low Salinity Waterflood Laboratory Displacement Data2020
12216010Liviana Pustika PurwantoPredicting stabilized oil well inflow performance Relationship on unconventional reservoir2020
12216019Muhammad IrfanA Breakthrough Approach For Predicting Esp Wells Virtual Flowrate By Using Supervised Machine Learning Method2020
12216036Alysia ChaterineIntegrated Subsurface To Surface Modeling To Assess Reservoir Uncertainty Quantification To ‘K’ Fieldproduction2020
12216050Nanda Rizkika Ruanawijaya Well Integrity Analysis On Cold Water Fracturing In Slim Hole Geothermal Well2020
12216055Rizki Ratna AyuningtyasA Conceptual Study of Frac Pack to Mitigate Fines Particle Migration in Coal Bed Methane Well2020
12216056Ayudhya Sukma VidyaningtyasOptimization Of Low Salinity Water Injection Design In “T” Structure At “S” Field Using Tnavigatortm Simulator2020
12216058Gerry Adam Alwyn SyahDesigning Compositional Model Of Low Salinity Water Alternating Co2 Gas Injection Into Sandstone Reservoir In “T” Structure At “S” Field2020
12216060Alfanda Kurnia WidiAnalysis And Design Of CO2-Acetone Mixture Injection For Light Oil Extraction Processes2020
12216066Andika Putra RachmanuCorrosion Modeling And Risk Assessment Of Reactivating Liquid Loaded Gas Wells With Plunger Lift: A Case Study Of Well G-3 In Indonesia2020
12216070Baskoro Adi NugrohoStudy Of Mixed-Clay Effects On The Performance Of Low Salinity Water Injection In "T" Structure At "X" Field2020
12216074Daniardy Hilman PradanaA Program For Quick Simulation Of Surfactant Flooding Performance2020
12216076Jay Bianco Sembiring MelialaStudy Of Pattern Water Injection In Low Resistivity And Low Contrast Reservoir With Horizontal Well2020
12216080Saif Izeldien RaizkiA Simple Infill Well Location Selection Using Machine Learning: A Multilayer Indonesian Reservoir Case2020
12216081Nadya ErichatamaApplication Of Modified Kozeny-Carman Method To Characterize Rock Type And Estimate Permeability In Uncored Zone2020
12216085Rivaldi Azhar RamadhaniRandom Forest Regression Application For Electrical Submersible Pump Selection And Run Life Prediction2020
12216092Wiranty Prayoga NingmandiraDevelopment Of Production Performance Method Of Microbial Huff And Puff2020
12216098Gerald Adam Alwyn SyahOptimum Low Salinity Water Injection Design In “B” Structure At “S” Field Using TnavigatorTM Simulator2020
12216099Theresia Yolanda S SagalaStabilisasi Inflow Performance Pada Kondisi Transient Dengan Metode Dimensionless2020
12216042PraptektoExpert System For Predicting The Degree Of Asphaltene Deposition In Oil And Gas Reservoirs And Wells Using Asphaltene Deposition Model And Fuzzy Logic2020
12216082Benjamin Jordan WangsaputeraTechnical and Economical Modelling for the Utilization of Natuna Produced Gas to Enhance Oil Recovery in Sumatera Heavy Oil Reservoir2020
12216007Alroy SuchiptoStudi Mengenai Injeksi Gas Natuna Untuk Meningkatkan Produksi Lapangan Minyak Ringan Di Sumatera2020
12216087Nanda Adolf F PInjectivity Performance Analytical Modeling Of CO2 Injection Well By Considering J-T Effect: Case Study Of Well X2020
12216057Mohammad Hamdan AbdillahPossible Utilization Of Natuna Raw Gas For Enhanced Coal Bed Methane Recovery2020
12216040Elizabet Benedikta P. S.Analysis And Design Of Co2 Injection Below The Paraffin Precipitation Onset Pressure In "B" Structure At "S" Field2020
12216071Nauval IsmailTinjauan Keberhasilan Microbubble Untuk CO2 Flooding Pada Lapangan R Dengan Simulasi Reservoir2020
12216100Ilham Akbar HabibiePredictive Model Generation For CO2-N2 Flooding Project2020
12215055Rendy SetyawanAnalisis Keekonomian Pengembangan Lapangan Lepas Pantai “X” Dengan Pemakaian Fasilitas Bersama2020
12216003Aburiza Fathurridzky AkhmadTinjauan Tekno-Ekonomi Pemanfaatan Mixed Gas Lapangan Natuna “D” Alpha Sebagai Fluida Eor Untuk Lapangan Minyak Di Sumatera2020
12216034Edwardo SamosirForecasting Gas Production Rate Using Recurrent Neural Network : A Machine Learning Study2020
12216061Mutiara Melanie SihombingAchieving Future Low Carbon Systems In Indonesia: Techo-Economic Analysis Of Arun Field Ccs Potential And Carbon Tax Price Study2020
12216068Irfan NurfaiziSensitivity Analysis On Technical And Operational Parameters Of Foam Assisted Water Alternating Gas (Fawag) For Heavy And High Viscosity Oil Case2020
12216069Budiman Dwi PutraMaximum Efficiency Rate (Mer) Sebagai Pertimbangan Dalam Penentuan Laju Produksi Optimum Pada Lapangan Minyak2020
12216078Vincent ChandraCompletion Design for the Development of a Multi-layer & Multi-fluid Reservoir System in Offshore Well X2020
12216043Muhammad Aditya Firman WahyudiComparative Study Of Co2 Injection At Critical Swelling Factor And Miscible Condition In “B” Structure At “S” Field2020
12216052Mohammad IqbalDeveloping A Predictive Proxy Model Of Enhanced Coal Bed Methane CO2 Injection (CO2-ECBM) Project2020
12216063Jihaan Aliyyah WidagdoHydraulic Fracturing : Designing Hydraulic Fracturing in Tight Limestone Formation With Sensitivity of Proppant Mass in Well JA-012020
12216049Andhyka Novico KasameikaAnalisis Tekno-Ekonomi Pemakaian Sumur Horizontal Sebagai Solusi Dari Pengembangan Reservoir Tipis Dan Berkualitas Buruk2020
12214028Usman FaizEvaluasi Performa Sumur Minyak Dengan Masalah Pour Point di Lapangan X2019
12214089Dominikus KristiantoStudi Sensitivitas Parameter Skenario Injeksi Pada Sumur Huff-Puff Untuk Menentukan Parameter Berpengaruh Terhadap Peningkatan Kumulatif Produksi Minyak Dengan Metode Design Of Experiment2019
12214030Yeremia ImmanuelLaboratory Study Of Investigating Nutrient Concentration On Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Imbibition Method Of Well BN-38, Bentayan Field2019
12214074Nur Eko AbdurrahmanPengembangan Model Persamaan Hidrolik Bentuk Tertutup Untuk Penentuan Tekanan Fluida Pengeboran Pada Kasus Sumur Panas Bumi di Indonesia2019
12215066Ganesha GajahInvestigasi Eksperimental Mekanisme Transportasi hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide (HPAM) Pada Media Berpori2019
12215013Khalid UmarReservoir Uncertainty Simulation Study For Gamma Field Gas Injection And Blowdown Optimization2019
12215019Alief Zaky TaftazanniKomparasi Pressure Transient Behavior untuk Reservoir Rekah Alam dengan Metode Analitik dan Numerik2019
12215042Bianca Edgina HandokoWaterflood Study in Deltaic Reservoir System2019
12215075Dave DeraldyCO2 Injection Study in Deltaic Reservoir System2019
12215010Muhammad Al-KahfiPendekatan Pressure Transient Behavior Dual Porosity Model Menggunakan Model Multilayer2019
12215015Muhamad SolihinPengaruh Pattern Flooding, Kedalaman Injeksi, dan Injeksi Twin Well terhadap Recovery Factor pada Teknologi Steamflood2019
12215088Renaldy Herdin TandryUtilization of Gas from East Natuna Field for improving oil Recovery in Heavy and Light Oil Reservoir2019
12215063Teja Nugraha Mahaputra PerdanaPemodelan Reservoir dan Uji Tekanan Transien Untuk Penentuan Permeabilitas Pada Reservoir Multilayer2019
12215062Arrofi NurmidaIntegrated Initial Water Saturation Modeling In Gas Reservoir2019
12215094Christofer DevlinSmart Workover Candidate Selection Using Machine Learning (K-Nearest Neighbor)2019
12215005Khobita Fara DaniellaSmart Candidate Selection for Hydraulic Fracturing Using KNN (K-Nearest Neighbor) Method2019
12215011Muhammad Irfan IbrahimAutomated Lithology Prediction Based On Well Logging Data Using Machine Learning2019
12215051Naura Tsabita FadjarDevelopment of Integrated Capacitance-Resistive Model Method to Estimate Multilayer Reservoir Performance2019
12215099Prajaka Trimandiri PutraSemi-Automated Well Logs Quality Control and Prediction With machine Learning Implementations2019
12215081Rafli HerdiansyahCreating Synthetic Well Log Using Machine Learning Techniques2019
12215080Safira AndrianiPredicting Initial Production Rate Using Machine Learning (K-Nearest Neighbor)2019
12215032Abdel Mohammad DeghatiLaboratory Study Of Combination Of Vibroseimic Stimulation With Polymer Flooding For Enhancing Oil Recovery2019
12215061Ahmad RafiUnderstanding of Sand Production Rate Through Van Den Hoek And Geilikman Analytical Model2019
12215068Dean Ananta WiryaMencari Kondisi Ekonomis Injeksi 'N' Puff Gas CO2 Berdasarkan Analisa Sensitivitas Parameter dan Keekonomian2019
12215060Fajar Khamim MustofaProduction Optimization Strategy Of Ceramic Screened Well2019
12215014Ghalib Bima Gema RamadhanSand Rate Prediction Sensitivity Analysis Using Analytical Equation Of Perforation Interval, Skin Factor, and Geomechanics Employing Bottom-Hole Pressure Resulted From A Reservoir Model Simulation2019
12215074Maria Yohana Togimarito HarliEconomic Evaluation Methode Of CO2 Miscible Flooding With LPG Mixture2019
12215027Yesaya Arison HaratuaA Study Of The Significance of Mizcible Water Alternating Gas (MWAG) Injection to Improve Oil Recovery Under The Condition Of Reservoir Pressure Below Minimum Miscibility Pressure (MMP)2019
12215085Aldi Damora SiregarSensitivity Study On Acid Properties and Reservoir Permeability For Acidizing Operation at Carbonate reservoir2019
12215036Nikolas Nico Calvin AlexandroOptimization Of Proppant Volume Allocation In Hydraulic Fracture For Multilayer Oil reservoir2019
12215090Paul Joy SautSensitivity Study of Acid Fracturing Stimulation For Reservoir and Acid Parameters2019
12215105Pransiska MarlinaIncremental Recovery of Light Oil by Waterflooding and Alkaline Flooding Continuously: Laboratory Study2019
12215009R. Aulia Muhammad RizkyNPV Based Fracture Spacing Optimization Of Tight Gas Development2019
12215020SusantryDeepwater Stimulation: A Case Study of Frac Pack Modelling in Well G12019
12215045Vincent LivanrioAn Application of Epoxy-Based Polymer Using Xylene as Solvent for Water Shut-Off2019
12215078Yongki Alek SanderStudy of Empirical Oil Fractional-Flow Models in Capacitance-Resistance Models2019
12215033Ariel ParamasatyaNano Solution Huff and Puff Optimization in Marginal X Field Using Commercial Simulator2019
12215053Axel Perwira IndroEqualized Method: A New Method To Optimize Gas Lift Spacing Design2019
12215031Garry Andrew Yandra WEvaluation of High Pour Point Oil Transportation from Production Wells to X-1 Processing Plant in Field X2019
12215064HeriantoProductivity Analysis of Frac-pack Completion in M Well with Sand problem Indication in Offshore High Permeability Formation2019
12215097Natasya Emeralda OdysseScrutinizing an Evalutionary History Matching Proces With Assited Workflow In Mature Field2019
12215029Ronaldo Hamonangan TuaDetermination Of Optimum Parameters For Bio-Surfactant Huff and Puff Injection Using Commercial Simulation At Field X2019
12215047David JonathanDesigning Optimum Injection Parameters With Low Salinity Water Injection Using Huff N Puff Method In “T” Structure At S Field2019
12215098George Vincent Bungaran PardedOptimum Salt Concentation Design Of Low Salinity Water Injection In "T" Structure At "S" Field Using Tnavigator TM Simulator2019
12215083I Putu Gede Putra ArcanaDesign Of CO2-CH4 Optimum Composition Injection and Mechanism Using Huff and Puff Method At L Field2019
12215003Michael Muhammad SomantriEsigning Optimum CO2-CH4 Injection Parameters Using Huff N Puff Method At L Field2019
12215059Prihita Eksi CahyandariDesign of Optimum Bright Water Implementation In "T" Structure At "S" Field For Increased Oil Recovery2019
12215004SherlyDesigning Low Salinity Water Alternating Immiscible Gas Injection Into T Structure At S Field2019
12215025Yosafat AbednegoDesigning Immiscible Well To Well CO2-Ch4 Continuous Injection In A Stratified Reservoir At L Field2019
12215034Achmad Rafiq AlfaruqiDetermination Of Optimum Mobility Ratio And Its Effect For Enhancing Oil Recovery On Polymer Flooding Simulation2019
12215044Agung Aji NugrohoStudi Parametrik Low Salinity Water Injection Serta Efek Sequential Dilution Terhadap Tingkat Perolehan Minyak2019
12215077Brian DwijayantoPractical Use of Deconvolution Method to Solve Well Interpretation Ambigulty of Field Data2019
12215096Muhammad Haidar RochimComputer Program For Determining Shale Distribution Type By Neutron Density Crossplot2019
12215104Maulana Insan KamilIntegrated Analysis of Well Testing with Geological & Geophysical Data in Determining reservoir Boundray - A Case Study o MRK Field2019
12215070Muhammad ArlisDevelopment Model Of A Geothermal Field In The Eastern Parf Of Indonesia With Geothermal Pund Involvement2019
12215035Andrian Putra WardanaStudi Kehilangan Panas Pad Fluida di Sumur Produksi Panas Bumi Dengan Model Aliran Homogen2019
12215071Ebbryl Nur RochmanPemodelan Kehilangan Tekanan Pada Sumur Dominasi Air Case Study2019
12214061Enrico B PurbaAnalisis Performa Pengeboran Panas Bumi Di Indonesia Sebelum Tahun 2017 Sebagai Dasar Asumsi Pengembangan Panas Bumi Di Indonesia2019
12215017M. Afif HabiburrahmanAnalisis Survei Pressure, Temperature, Spinner (PTS) pada Sumur Dominasi Air di Pulau Sumatera, Indonesia untuk Menentukan Kualitas Feedzone2019
12215058Reza Arif WicaksonoPrediksi Massa Proppant, Volume Injeksi, dan Waktu Injeksi Fluida Perekahan Pada Operasi Hydraulic Fracturing Untuk Sumur Panas Bumi2019
12215016Feri Vernando SalimThe Probabilistic Method for Determining the Number of Geothermal Well for Power Plant Development2019
12215052Muhammad Alwy DahlanPre-Feasibility Study of Wellhead Generating Unit Utilization In Partially Vapor Dominated System2019
12215093Nevi Cahya WinofaThe Application Of Numerical Simulation Result For Geothermal Financial model With Probabilistic Approach: A Comprehensive Study2019
12215057Bintang Kusuma YudaA New Approach in Designing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Separation for Gas Reservoir with High CO2 Content Using Seabed Finger-Type Slug Catcher by Implementing Transient-Dynamic Model: A Case Study in Natuna Gas Field2019
12215043Denny Van AnggaraCombination of Binary Integer Programming and Nonlinear Optimization for Artificial Lift Selection at Offshore X Field2019
12215048Dicky Putra AlviansyahProduction Optimization Using Combined Artificial Lift Method: Electrical Submersible Pump With Gas Lift And Sucker Rod Pump With Gas Lift Using Flare Gas In Field X2019
12215022Hanafi Kristoper GintingPenerapan Sistem Kombinasi Esp-Gl Untuk Mencapai Kinerja Produksi Optimal2019
12215091Maria Indira Puspita SariGas Lift Spacing Design method For Unconventional Reservoir Well2019
12215038Michelle SantosoTransient Dynamic Model for Deviated Gas Lift Well Design2019
12215092Nur Rahmi Syah RamdaniLNG Value Chain Optimization to Achieve Sustainable Electrification in Eastern Indonesia2019
12215100Andrean FirnantoDetermination of the Best Natural Gas Utilization Scenario Based On Economic Analysis in "L' and "W' Fields2019
12215049Aulia PadlanDetermination Of Natural Gas Price Based On The Economic Analysis Using The Netback Value Method2019
12215030Budi PrayogaProduction Rate Optimization of Downhole Water Sink Technology Using Differential Evolution Method2019
12215023Abed Nego SilabanStudi Perbandingan Metode Optimasi Alokasi Injeksi Gas Pada Sistem Multiwell Gas Lift 2019
12215079David KristiantoPotential Hydrocarbon Zones Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network Application - Case Study : Field X2019
12215073Made Ray Yuda SuyatnaReservoir Characterization and Performance Prediction in Waterflooded Reservoir using Capacitance-Resistance Model2019
12215018Christian Abdiwijoyo HenryShifting In Oil Industry Competitiveness: A Critical Review To Search Adequate Assessment Method 2019
12215087Advarel PrayogaAn Efficient Proxy-model ti Predict the Performance of Enhanced oil Recovery-Polymer Flooding Method2019
12215072 D'Aqnan Marusaha Matthew PandiDeveloping A Predictive model of CO2 Flooding Project2019
12215101Johan SebastianA New Approach of Constant Rate In Gas Well Deliverability Analysis Using Ansah's Method2019
12215037Kevin Joshua ReynaldiThe Stress Contrast Effect of Laminated Shaly-Sand Reservoir to Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Design for Optimizing the Horizontal Well Productivity in K Field2019
12215050Afdhal BaravanniComparison Study of Corrosion Rate Model For Tubular Goods Selestion Optimization In Carbon Capture Storage Application2019
12215076Batara PandeHollow Glass Microsphere (HGS) Manufacture in Laboratory Scale2019
12215095Bayu Aji PurbantanuStudi Mikrostruktur dan Mineralogi Sampel Resin Cement Pada Sumur Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)2019
12215103Mas RochmatanImproved Fracture Gradient Estimation Using Well Log data: A Case Study2019
12215028Yulio Adhitya NugrohoPemilihan dan Desain Mode Komplesi Sumur Gas Menggunakan Metode Analisis Kondisi Geologi 2019
12215065Rizky Arif PutraOptimization Of Marginal Field X Development Scenarios Applying Immiscible Flooding Of Gas And Water Alternating Gas With Horizontal Producing Wells2019
12215021Faridh Afdhal AzizEconomic Evaluation of Fiscal Regime On EOR Implementation In Indonesia: A Case Study Of Low Salinity Water Injection on Field X2019
12215086Torikh Hafidz MulkyAn Economical Evaluation of Gas Allocation Optimization for LNG and Power Plant Utilization In: "S" Gas Block Case In Sulawesi2019
12215024Fateh Muhammad PrasandhaAcidizing Design for Sandstone and Carbonate Formation2019
12215006Achmad Ridwan ChaniagoModelling of Fluid Flow Assurance in X Pipeline Transport System Using OLGA Simulator2019
12215040Rizki FernandoPenggunaan Teknologi Partikel Nano dalam Stimulasi Sumur dengan Alterasi Kebasahan Batuan2019
12215046Fahrizal MaulanaPressure Transient Behavior With Wellbore Storage and Skin Effect in Multi-Porosity System2019
12215008Nur Fasya FebriartiImproving Low Salinity Water Injection Performance by Combining with Low-Salinity Polymer: Case Study at "T" Structure of Field "S"2019
12215067NovriwandaOptimasi Produksi Terintegrasi: Peningkatan Produksi Minyak dan Gas di Lapangan X dengan Menggunakan Metode Gas Lift2019
12215082Fawwaz Dzakwan ArifinPengembangan Persamaan Geothermal Inflow Performance Relationship (GIPR) Lapangan Panas Bumi Dominasi Uap: Studi Kasus Lapangan2019
12215007Fransiskus Ondihon SitompulA Proxy Model to Predict Waterflooding Performance in Channeling Deltaic Sand Reservoir2019
12215089Leonardo SihombingPerhitungan Laju Alir Optimum Sumur Gas "X" Dengan Batasan Water Coning, Sand Intrusion, Liquid Loading, dan Economic Limit2019
12215084Nurul Aghni FebriantiStudi Perbandingan Metode Optimasi Alokasi Laju Injeksi Gas-lift di Lapangan "K"2019
12215056Devara Adhika Jala PutraIntegrated Surface-Subsurface Model For In-Place Uncertainty Study in Gamma Field Gas Cap Blowdown Scenario2019
12215026Grha Gandana PutraPemodelan Geothermal Inflow Performance Relationship Pada Sumur Panas Bumi Dominasi Air2019
12215054I Ketut Mahendra Dharma PutraComparison Of Electrical Submersible Pump Optimization Methods2019
12215039Muhammad Dennis SyahputraEvaluation And Comparison Of Liquid Loading Prediction Models In Gas Wells2019
12215041Iqbal Ridalta PutraForecasting Of Indonesia Petroleum Products Supply And Demand2019
12215102Ilma Mauldhiya HerwandiTechno-Economic Analysis Of Hydraulic Fracturing As A Solution For Developing Low-Resistivity And Low-Quality Zone On Offshore Ri Field2019
12215001Abiliansyah Fatwa PutraQuick Look Evaluation Of Technical Screening And Fiscal Regime On Eor Implementation In Indonesia Using Predictive Models – A Case Study On Field T2019
12217601Siti PaizahStudi Simulasi Reservoir: Kasus Perilaku Produksi Di Sumur PZ-1 dan PZ-2 Di Lapangan X2019