Indonesia Students Won First Place

JAKARTA – Students from Indonesia this time re-incised achievements in the international arena. The achievement was brought by a group of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) students who won first place in the 2017 Borneo Oil and Gas Symposium (BOGS) Oil Rig Design Competition competition. The Indonesian team, calling itself Lophelia ITB-Migas Hulu Jabar, won the first position in a petroleum competition organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineers at Chapter Curtin University in Sarawak, Malaysia.The ITB students include Dika Iqbal Lidyanto, Fahmi Nugraha, Bintang Widya, and Kharisma Jayantara who are each students of Petroleum Engineering, Architecture, and Marine Engineering.

Oil Rig Design Competition itself is an offshore oil rig design contest whose design is based on given case studies.Feelings of gratitude, pride, and happiness are perceived as being successful in the name of ITB and Indonesia, “said Bandung student, Dika Iqbal.He recalled, before the competition in Malaysia, his team first sent blueprint design of the rig so that the three selected teams advanced to Malaysia on 4-8 July. Universities that ran the race include ITB, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology Surabaya (ITS), and UCSI University. Dika mentioned, one of the success points of his team is the design that is considered comprehensive in terms of technical and model made. Another advantage, I’m he, is all aspects used in the operation or drilling process that his team describes in detail.
He hopes that this achievement is not something that can make him satisfied quickly. But instead, that makes other students can be inspired by this victory. So that the next victories can be achieved Indonesia in the international arena. (Sus)

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