Handover Assistance Software License

Bandung, January 22, 2016 – On this day have been performed handover grant Academic Software Licence tNavigator of PT. Elnusa and Rock Flow Dynamics of $ 1,345,500 to the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering Institute of Technology Bandung. Handover of aid made by Mr. Agung Suryolaksana as Head of Service Group GGR Elnusa and by Mr. Faiz Sulaiman as Manager of Asia Pacific RFD (Rock Flow Dynamics) to the Dean Prof. ITB FTTM Sri Widiyantoro in Meeting Room of the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering.


Assistance is given in the form of educational grants by 25 linsensi Software Licence, which can be used in computer labs Petroleum Engineering Program – Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, for the sake of Education and Research Students and Lecturers, and is not intended for commercial activities.

Cooperation between Industry and Education Institute is very helpful to create experts who are expected to provide solutions and innovations for the challenges of the energy needs of an increasingly complex world.

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